Feb 142017


I keep your picture up on the wall. It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there. So don’t you ask me to give it back. I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me.



Brevity Codes for Lovers in a Rush

10-0 Use Caution 10-1 You are being received Poorly 10-2 You are being received Clearly 10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-4 O.K. 10-5 Relay Message 10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-15m Prisoner in custody (mental case) 10-16 Pick up prisoner 10-21B Call your home 10-30 Does not conform to rules or regulations 10-31 Is lie detector available?

10-32 Man with gun. 10-54d Possible dead body 10-72 Stand by for Civil Defense Test 10-74 Civil Defense Clear 10-75 Severe weather statement
10-91B Noisy animal (Barking) 10-91D Dead animal 10-91H Stray Horse 10-92 Your quality is poor 10-93 Your quality is good 10-100 Out using restroom

10-102 Cruelty to animals 10-103 Disturbance 10-103f Disturbance by fight 10-103m Disturbance by mental person 10-106 Obscenity 10-107 Suspicious person
10-108 Officer down or Officer needs assistance 10-112 Impersonating an officer 11-6 Illegal discharge of firearms 11-7 Prowler 11-8 Person down

11-13 Injured animal 11-14 Animal bite 11-15 Ball game in street 11-26 Abandoned bicycle 11-27 Subject has felony record, but is not wanted 11-31
Person calling for help 11-40 Advise station if ambulance is needed 11-41 Request Ambulance 11-42 Ambulance not required 11-43
Doctor required 11-44 Coroner required 11-45 Attempted suicide 11-46 Death report 11-47 Injured Person


Nov 292011


In its relation to the id, the ego is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength while the ego uses borrowed forces. The analogy may be carried a little further. Often a rider, if he is not to be parted from his horse, is obliged to guide it where it wants to go; so in the same way the ego is in the habit of transforming the id’s will into action as if it were its own.

from The Ego and the Id, by Sigmund Freud


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